Klára Spilková


Klára Spilková

Ladies European Tour player The best amateur player of the Czech golf history Hi and welcome to my official website!






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02.03.2014Spilkova ready to start 2014 season in China...

You have played at Mission Hills Haikou before. How does it feel to be going back?

I feel very well and am looking forward to Mission Hills. I have played very well every time I have been in China.

What is special about this venue?

Mission Hills is huge complex and golf courses which I played are always different. I visited the beautiful relaxation area as well and enjoyed the time there after all day on golf course.

How does this compare with the other venues on tour?

Mission Hills is unique from the others. Is so big and everything there is so huge.

Have you ever played on the Blackstone Course?

No I don’t know Blackstone Course but I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

What do you think about playing in China?

I played very good result in China so I like this place. Of course it will be difficult with the jet lag, but I believe I will feel very nice like always.

What do you think of the food?

I like Chinese cuisine and eat it very often in Czech Republic.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten and is there anything you won’t eat?

I have eaten lot of different food but I had no idea what they call it!

What are your personal goals for the WLC?

Of course I would like to play better than last year. I was 40th so this year I would like to be in top 10 or win of course.

What are your general plans for this year?

I would like to be better than on 39th place on the Order of Merit.

I hear you did some exams recently. What exams were these? Have you finished school now are what are your plans for future studies?

I had some exams in Maths and German, which I passed. I will take the final examinations in September or next May, we will see.

What have you been doing over the off season; have you been doing anything asides from playing golf?

I went skiing twice and started cross country skiing, I like it very much. Otherwise I visited the gym, gymnastics and physiotherapy. In the Czech Republic it was very unusual weather so I played out on the golf course.

How have you been preparing for the WLC at Mission Hills and how do you feel about starting the new season in China?

I feel very fit after winter training. I went to Dubai before China to prepare for the new season. I am really looking forward to standing on the first tee during my first tournament of 2014.


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