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The best amateur player of the Czech golf history

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02.03.2014Spilkova ready to start 2014 season in China...

You have played at Mission Hills Haikou before. How does it feel to be going back?

I feel very well and am looking forward to Mission Hills. I have played very well every time I have been in China.

What is special about this venue?

Mission Hills is huge complex and golf courses which I played are always different. I visited the beautiful relaxation area as well and enjoyed the time there after all day on golf course.

How does this compare with the other venues on tour?

Mission Hills is unique from the others. Is so big and everything there is so huge.

Have you ever played on the Blackstone Course?

No I don’t know Blackstone Course but I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

What do you think about playing in China?

I played very good result in China so I like this place. Of course it will be difficult with the jet lag, but I believe I will feel very nice like always.

What do you think of the food?

I like Chinese cuisine and eat it very often in Czech Republic.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten and is there anything you won’t eat?

I have eaten lot of different food but I had no idea what they call it!

What are your personal goals for the WLC?

Of course I would like to play better than last year. I was 40th so this year I would like to be in top 10 or win of course.

What are your general plans for this year?

I would like to be better than on 39th place on the Order of Merit.

I hear you did some exams recently. What exams were these? Have you finished school now are what are your plans for future studies?

I had some exams in Maths and German, which I passed. I will take the final examinations in September or next May, we will see.

What have you been doing over the off season; have you been doing anything asides from playing golf?

I went skiing twice and started cross country skiing, I like it very much. Otherwise I visited the gym, gymnastics and physiotherapy. In the Czech Republic it was very unusual weather so I played out on the golf course.

How have you been preparing for the WLC at Mission Hills and how do you feel about starting the new season in China?

I feel very fit after winter training. I went to Dubai before China to prepare for the new season. I am really looking forward to standing on the first tee during my first tournament of 2014.


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07.08.2013Honma Pilsen Golf Masters...

Test English

22.12.2012Klára v Erpetu...

24.12.2011Klára Spilková finished 48th at the Omega Dubai Ladies ......

Klára Spilková finished 48 th at the Omega Dubaji Ladies Masters, played at the Emirates Golf Club, Majilis Course from the 14th to 17th December. prosince. She finished with total of four over par after four rounds. The tournament was played treditionally from Wednesday to Saturday. Klara is now looking forward to the Christmas and holday.

24.12.2011Merry Christmas...

I wish ou all merry Christmas and a happy new year. Lors of hapiness, health success (not only in golf:)) Yours Klara

08.12.2011On my way to Dubai...

After two weeks spent in school, I am finally on my way to the last tournament of this season, Omega Dubai Ladies Masters. I am so excited, flying a little earlier, as I want to get used to the weather and the golf course. The first round begins on Wednesday, so fingers crossed.

25.11.2011Klara and her Volvo...

Klara has a new page at Volvo, you can check it here: http://www.volvocars.com/cz/top/community/volvista/klara-spilkova/Pages/default.aspx

02.11.2011Klara in China...

Klara finished 51th at the Suzhou Taihu Ladies Open which was played from 28th to 30th October close to Shanghai. The turnament had 3 rounds. Klara played 70 shots (-2) in the first two and 78 in the third one.
Klara’s putting was in an excellent condition for the first two days. It was not easy to get over time difference, which is 6 hours from Prague. But Klara did a good job. The course, Taihu Golf Club is quite flat and both nines are very similar. Klara liked the course as it was also very wide. It was also grat experience to play in an event where did also played Yani Tseng, the number one in the world. The next event Klara plans on going is Omega Dubai Ladies Masters, played from 14th to 17th December.


Klara attended a press conference onThursday 13th of October at ten o’clock in the morning. She started to cooperate with a Czech company Diamonds International Corporation. The conference was helt at the D.I.C. showroom at sŠiroká15 in Praha 1.

The cooperation of Klára with D.I.C is for one year with an option to prolonge it. D.I.C is an international czech diamond company and is relatively young, even though they have already begun expanding into other contries such as China this year. The company was founded in 2006. The co-owner of D.I.C., Mudr. Luboš Říha compared Klára to a diamant of Czech golf. "It is logical step for us to cooperate with Klára, she is very motivated and ambitious, such as our company," he added.

Klára is also happy with the cooperation, she told the reporters that she is already growing into her diammond age and looks forward to wear them. „I am also very happy that D.I.C. will help me with securing my seasonal expenses,“ said Klára.

As a part of the conference a very special thing was presented to the public. To celebrate the cooperation, Petr Tippelt, a golf club designer made the most expensive putter in Europe with three half carate diamonds with total price of the club around 2 000 000 Czech crowns. Moreover, the putter is fully playable.

The present reporters together with Klara and the organizators tried it out after the conference, it was a very pleasant day for everyone.

12.10.2011Jamie Sadock tournament, Klara's partner for casual wear...

Klara played in Jamie Sadock tournament at Golf Park Plzen at Dysina near Pilsen at a rainy Wednesday 12th October. The tournament was organized by Klara’s partner Jamie Sadock a fashion company that dresses Klara with casual wear. Even though the weather was not ideal, it was rainy and cold, the participants enjoyed the day. Klara played the last hole with every flight. In the evening there was a fashion show ready for the participants, presenting the new collection of Jamie Sadock. Klara liked the colors of the new collection and a unique combination of materials.

08.10.2011Klara did not make the cut at the Sicilian Ladies Italian Open...

Klara finished 57th at the Sicilian Ladies Italian Open, which was held at the Picciolo Golf Club at Sicili near Etna from 7th till 9th October. She had a total score of plus seven over par after two rounds. She played 69 shots (-3)in the first and 82 (+10) in the second round. Cut was +5.

It was very windy out there and Etna was scaring the players with slight but noisy erruptions. The Picciolo Golf Club was very narrow and it was very hard to place shots on the fairways and the greens. klara was unlucky with trees and stone-walls that were complicating her shots. She says: I was very happy about my result from the first round, i did not expect to play so well on such a hard course as this one.I have to say I was very unlucky the next day, trees and walls did make it hard.

The first nine has par 35 and is shorter, the second nine has par 37 and both are equally tough. Klara’s next event is Suzhou Taihu Ladies Open at Suzhou International Golf Club from 28th to 30th October.

30.09.2011Klara did not make the cut at Lacoste Ladies open...

Klara finished 92th at the Lacoste Ladies Open in France. She played plus seven and therefore did not make the cut, which was +1. It was a tough competition out there. She played 77 shots, (+5) in the first round and 74 (+2) in the seond round. She admitts: "Putting was my problem this time, I should work on itt harder. Normally I can rely on my precise putts, but in Paris I was not able to."
Paris International Golf Club is the only course in France designed by Jack Nicklaus with par 72. Both of its nines are very different, second one is very hily and a lot harder, since it is surrounded by tall trees and it is tough to think of every shot. Klara preferes the second one since it is a challenge for her.
The next tournament on her schedule is Ladies Sicilian Open at Picciolo Golf Club Sicily from 7th till 9th October.


Klára tied for 38th place in Spanish Ladies Open in Marbella which was played at La Quinta Golf and Country Club from 15th to18th September. She had an overall score sfter four rounds of (+7). VShe played 77 (+5 in the first round, 72 (par) in the second, and third and fourth with one shot over par, 73.
Klara had an afternoon start on the first day and played 5 bogeys, one doublebogey and two birdies. She had a better starting time the second day, in the morning at 9:30, she had only one bogey and one double bogey, which she erased with vthree birdies. It was very hot in Spain, especially in the afternoon. On Saturday, she teed-off at 10:20 but the play was very slow, the first nine took 3 hours to play.
The par of La Quinta Golf and Country Club is 72 and its a very hilly course. It was in quite good condition but the players were complaining aboutthe greens, especially the fourt green was very damaged due to a construction of a nearby motorway.
KlR is happy about her play, she just made the cut, which was plus five after the first two rounds. It was not an easy course to play. Klara’s next tournament is Lacoste Ladies French Open inFrancie, which willl be played from 29th September to 2nd October at Paris International Golf Club.

11.09.2011Klara finished 9th at the Raiffeisenbank Prague Golf Masters...

Klara played seven under par after the three day eventRaiffeisenbank Prague Golf Masters, which was held at Albatross Golf Resort. She played five under (67) in the first round, 70 in the second round and the last day she finished 72. The public attendance at the event was spectacular, Klara had big support from the public and she enjoyed it. Therefore she is very tankful to all who came and watched her.

10.09.2011Second place after first two rounds at Prague Golf Masters...

Klara thanks all her fans and those who came to support her at Albatross in the first two rounds: „It was great to play for so many people, I am happy that this tournament is such an attraction. I hope that everybody will come and watch me tomorrow. I am teeing-off at 11:30.“

08.09.2011Klára at Prague Golf Masters...

Klara played in the kids pro-am in Hostivař, which was part of the Prague Golf Masters. „The idea with the pro-am for children was great, it is unique, I haven’t seen such thing on tour so far.“ Klara played in the normal pro-am on Thursday as well. „We had really bad weather but we had so much fun in our group. I cant watt for the the first round with Laura Davies on Friday. We will tee off at 8:30. I  would like to invite all of you to Albatross Golf Resort to watch us play. I look forvard to seeing you all there.“

03.08.2011Beautiful Ireland...

Hi all, I am currently in Ireland playing the Ladies Irish Open which is held at Killeen Castle Golf Club near Dublin. The course is in excellent condition and it is an honour to play at the course of the 2011 Solheim Cup. It is good weather at the moment so hopefully it will stay like that during the tournament. I have discovered a really good noodle bar Wagamama and right next to our hotel we have a cinema. So if the weather is going to be worse, we will watch Harry for a second time.

25.07.2011Klára Spilková the face of Prague Golf Masters 2011...

For the first time, the Ladies European Tour will be played in the Czech Republic 9th-11th September at the Albatross Golf Resort. As the first ever Czech player to hold the full LET card, Klara became the face of the event. Naturally, she will also play in the tournament.

The tournament director, ing. Robert Klotz is happy with the choice of Klara. “We could not have picked a better candidate. We are happy that she accepted the offer and we look forward to our cooperation.”
Klara is also happy: “I am excited that such a great tournament will finally take place in my home country. Moreover, Albatross Golf Resort is not far from the Prague city centre, so I will not be travelling far. Also, I would like to invite all my fans to come and support me at the event. I will be very happy to see them there. It is also a great opportunity to see the best female golfers playing on the Ladies European Tour.”

22.06.2011Photo shoot with Jamie Sadock...

Before leaving for a series of tournaments in Germany, Slovakia and Netherlands, Klara did a photo shoot for a fashion brand Jamie Sadock. Everything took place at the Jamie Sadock driving range in the area of the first Slavic golf club in Pilsen, where we were welcomed by Marie Novakova and her husband Jan Novak, the owners of the new driving range representing Jamie Sadock in Europe.

First of all, Klara went through the new collection of the brand. We have chosen the prettiest pieces and then a very skilled makeup artist took over Klara’s look. She looked great at the end, then the hard work begun. The famous sports photographer Josef Adlt prepared the lights at the driving range and after a couple of hours he felt that everything is perfect and everybody did a very good job. It was good fun, changing beautiful shiny clothes, which Jamie Sadock is famous for.

The best of all was a white glove with pieces of sparkling stones in it. Klara is the only one in Europe who owns one of them. She enjoyed the photo shoot and ended up taking home really nice clothes from the newest collection. Everyone was happy, even the photographer and that was the most important thing. You can find the results in Klara’s gallery. We thank very much to everyone in Pilsen.

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