Klára Davidson Spilková: A success and return to stability

(Prague, 25 February 2024) Czech golf professional Klára Davidson Spilková has completed her first successful event of the season. After a failure in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, she returned to her game and usual stability, resulting in a successful start in overall. At her favourite golf course, Royal Golf Dar Es Salam (Blue) in Rabat, Davidson Spilková missed the top ten by a single shot, which she lost on the last hole. A tied 13th place in Morocco means her first points in the year-round Race to Costa del Sol ranking and a financial reward.

“Surprisingly, we had rain in Morocco, but fortunately only on Friday, when we had our start postponed because of it. Paradoxically, it helped me and Eva Koželuhová, and it was the second day when I played my best golf. The course suited me, but it’s also thanks to my great memories of it. Compared to Riyadh, where the course is narrower, it was easier to score in Rabat. It is a solid result after a consistent performance, and I am glad about it. There are still few things I need to improve, but it is finally a good start to the season and part of my long-term plan,” the player evaluated her performance at the Moroccan tournament after returning to Prague.


Davidson Spilková will now spend a week in Prague, where she will train and refine her game. In less than two weeks, she will head to the first of the Aramco team events in the United States, where she will face tough competition of LPGA Tour players, with the possibility to earn important points and a flat million US dollars.


“I am already looking forward to Florida, but I still need to work on my iron play, which still bothers me. I don’t hit the balls as well as I would like. Hopefully, these will be one of the last cold weeks in Prague before the weather gets warmer and I can go to the course in Nebřenice. I am flying to Florida four days early, so there will be time for short game training and putting, and hopefully also better weather,” the professional revealed her upcoming programme.


Davidson Spilková will fly to Tampa, Florida, next Sunday. It is still unclear who will caddy for her in the team event, and there is also the possibility that the Czech golfer will pick one of the local professionals. The Aramco Team Series – Tampa tournament will take place from Friday, 8 March, to Sunday, 10 March, 2024. Davidson Spilková will then head to Australia, where she plans to play two Ladies European Tour tournaments in New South Wales before a shorter break.


Klára Davidson Spilková’s tournament schedule:

8-10 March 2024                    Aramco Team Series, Clearwater, Florida, USA

29-31 March 2024                  NSW Women’s Open, New South Wales, Australia

5-7 April 2024                         Australian Women’s Classic, Bonville, Australia


Photo: Tristan Jones / LET (2024 Lalla Meryem Cup)