All of us are going to Paris with ambitions

The biggest domestic women’s golf tournament, the Tipsport Czech Ladies Open in Beroun under the banner of the Ladies European Tour, was not just a great golf spectacle. For Czech players, it was also the last chance to earn points for the Olympic ranking in order to make it into the top sixty and secure a place in the ultimate tournament. Eventually, two golfers will play in Paris under the Czech flag: Klára Davidson Spilková and Sára Kousková.

For Davidson Spilková, the tournament in Beroun also marked the end of the first half of this year’s season, which, according to her own words, did not entirely meet her expectations.

“Recently, I feel like I am playing a game of patience with golf – who can outlast whom. It may look like performance ups and downs, but I compare this year’s results to the last two seasons when I performed really well. Golf has always been like this and will continue to be. I’ve been playing it for fourteen years, so I know I have to persist, train and wait. Consistency, and better results that go with it, will come again. I have to keep going and not dwell on every stumble. I must continue to believe in my game until the last hole. Like here in Beroun, where it was evident that I might be putting more pressure on myself than necessary in front of the home fans. But I always want to show people the best of myself, and it then disappoints me if I don’t,” commented the golf professional on her performance at the Beroun tournament.

On Monday, 24 June, the Olympic ranking closed, securing two places for the Czech Republic in the Olympic tournament, which will take place in less than six weeks at the Le Golf National course on the outskirts of Paris.

“Preparing for the Olympic tournament for me doesn’t begin or end with Beroun but is ongoing. Perhaps that’s why I’m going to the Olympic Games for the third time. The ranking has been going for two years, so it’s not just about a few final tournaments or meeting qualification limits like in other sports. It’s a long-term journey, and I admit I feel some pressure has now been lifted from me. Although I’ve known since the end of last year that I would make it to Paris, I still felt the weight of it. It’s great that in the end two of us are going to the Olympics, and we both shed a tear of joy for that,” the player revealed about her feelings regarding the suspenseful Olympic qualification.

Davidson Spilková is heading to Paris accompanied by her husband, Sean Davidson, as her caddie, aiming to succeed. She gained experience from this exceptional tournament eight years ago in Rio de Janeiro and four years after that in Tokyo.

Davidson Spilková now enjoys a well-deserved week off, followed by another Aramco team competition in London. After another week’s break, she will compete in another pre-Olympic tournament in Hilversum, the Netherlands, and at the end of July, she will finally move to Paris to prepare for the climax of this year’s season with her team.


Klára Davidson Spilková’s tournament schedule:

3-5 July 2024             Aramco Team Series, London, Great Britain
19-21 July 2024         Dutch Ladies Open, Hilversum, the Netherlands
7-10 August 2024      Olympic Tournament, Paris, France