It’s great to have a local caddy who knows the course

(Prague, 28 March 2024) After more than two weeks, Czech professional golfer Klára Davidson Spilková returns to the tournament circuit. She devoted the days planned for a break after the tournament in Florida to recovering from a virus, training and fine-tuning her form before this year’s season. Ahead of her were also long journeys to two tournaments in New South Wales, Australia. First up the NSW Women’s Open at Magenta Shores Golf Club, followed by the Australian Women’s Classic in nearby Bonville.

“It was a very long journey. I flew from Greenville to Sydney via Atlanta and Los Angeles and then had a two-hour drive in a rented car with left-hand drive. Fortunately, I flew west, so the time difference wasn’t as much of a struggle, although I slept like a log the first two nights. It’s autumn here, with pleasant daytime temperatures around 25 degrees. I haven’t seen any kangaroos yet, but there sure are plenty of snakes and spiders,” the player wrote from Australia.

This year, Davidson Spilková will have to rely on the services of local professional caddies. Her husband Sean, who will join her only for European tournaments, has responsibilities at the university and cannot travel with her spouse as often.

“At the first tournament, the club’s head pro will carry my clubs. It’s actually a win because probably nobody knows the course better than him, and his help will be valuable. Not only does it blow a lot from the sea here, but the local 18-hole also has a few tricks up its sleeve that it’s good to know about. Who better to advise you than someone who knows the course like the back of their hand? Everything will be different at the second tournament, though. We’ll be using carts, and I should have one of the volunteers carrying my bag. We’ll see, maybe I can manage on my own altogether,” revealed the golf professional.

For Davidson Spilková, this is a return to Australia after several years of focusing more on tournaments held in the United States and Europe. Different is not only the climate and time zone, but also the character of the courses and the grass.

“I don’t even know what kind of grass grows here. It looks like Bermuda grass, but probably some other local variety. The course by the sea and the whole area are beautiful, and I’m very glad I eventually embarked on such a long journey to the other side of the globe,” the golfer commented shortly before the first tournament.

Davidson Spilková will tee off in the tournament on Friday, 29 March, from hole 10 at 7:37 am local time. She will play in a group with New Zealander Momoka Kobori and Swede Johanna Gustavsson. Also competing in Australia are three other Czech players – Sára Kousková, Kristýna Napoleaová and Jana Melichová. The NSW Women’s Open tournament is played from Friday, 29 March, to Sunday, 31 March 2024, for a total prize money of 300,000 euros.


Klára Davidson Spilková’s tournament schedule:

29-31 March 2024      NSW Women’s Open, New South Wales, Australia

5-7 April 2024             Australian Women’s Classic, Bonville, Australia