Untraditional start of the European leg in South Korea

Unusually for Czech professional golfer Klára Davidson Spilková, the second swing and the European leg of this year’s Ladies European Tour will start on the Korean Peninsula. From Friday to Sunday at the New Korea Country Club in Seoul, she will compete in yet another event of the inserted Aramco Team Series. Alongside Davidson Spilková, the starting list features two other Czech names: Tereza Melecká and Kristýna Napoleaová.

“I’ve never been to Korea before, and I was surprised right after landing. I expected it to be warm, but it’s quite cold here, and it’s been raining continuously since Saturday. You can see it mainly on the practice areas, which are very soggy. The course itself is fine, just the grass is a bit higher than expected. Actually, I don’t even know what kind of grass grows here. It’s very similar to the courses and vegetation in Japan, where we played the Olympic tournament. It’s supposed to warm up again by the end of the week though, so hopefully everything will be okay,” the player wrote from Korea.

The week-long trip across half the globe, although finally confirmed at the last minute, was been planned by the golfer since the beginning of the season. The venue to host the prestigious tournament with a prize of one million US dollars was confirmed just a few weeks before the start. Immediately after Seoul, golfers will head to Berlin, so they will have to deal with a quick and fairly long journey back to the old continent.

“Korea has been planned from the very beginning, so it wasn’t a quick decision. I skipped two tournaments in South Africa now, and I already missed competitive golf again, so I wanted to play in Korea despite the long distance and short time I will spend here. I’m still waiting for Sean, who has final exams at the university and will join me just before the tournament on Thursday. So, for now, I’m enjoying kimchi and Korean barbecue alone,” the professional said about her participation in the tournament.

The event in Seoul is one of the five already traditional group competitions played for one million US dollars to be split in half between individuals and teams. On the eve of the pro-am tournament, there is usually a draft, and Davidson Spilková will once again be one of the captains with the right to choose one of her teammates.

“On Wednesday we have the draft, so I have to see who I will pick for the team and then who will be assigned to us. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to competitive golf again and to my favourite part of the season in Europe, which will culminate for me in front of the home crowd in Beroun. My husband Sean should be with me at the bag by that time,” the golfer commented before the tournament.


Klára Davidson Spilková’s tournament schedule:

10-12 May 2024                     Aramco Team Series – Aramco Team Series – Korea, Seoul, South Korea

16-19 May 2024                     Amundi German Masters, Berlin, Germany

23-25 May 2024                     Jabra Ladies Open, Évian-les-Bains, France

31 May 5 – 2 June 2024         Dormy Open Helsingborg, Helsingborg, Sweden